Worried about the GMAT? I’ve coached many students to the 97 percentile…

When students ask, “How much?” what they really should be asking is “What’s at stake?” You know you have to take this damn exam that stands between you and your future. What does that future look like? Most MBA-bound students want to go to business school to restart, redirect or re-energise their careers. They want new challenges at work, more pay, more respect. An MBA from a top school will open doors – it will likely 3X your salary. Imagine your future: earning half-a-million dollars closing deals on Wall Street, wearing bespoke suits and eating at Michelin-star restaurants. Traveling business class. Or, maybe you want to help a Silicon Valley start-up raise money in order to bring a new digital service to millions, making you rich in the process (think Uber). Or, perhaps you’re a scientist who works for a large health-care company and you want to be a leader. Each of these futures requires an MBA.

Each of these visions is possible if you work hard and harness the resources of a top business school – not just classroom resources, but also the student body; networking with other ambitious, creative young business minds is the #1 reason alumni say business school is valuable. Imagine the respect you will garner from family, friends, associates (even competitive childhood friends) as you climb the ladder of success at your new company, building your career on the back of a successful MBA program. The prestige of making a mark in business is undeniable – think Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt and J.P. Morgan. These are the figures from history that business biographies are written about. Perhaps you want to be the first female captain of industry in your chosen field.

All these paths require an MBA.

Finally, think about your children. Success in your career is vital if you’re going to provide the advantages that are increasingly necessary in the 21st century. I don’t need to tell you how competitive the world has become: there is fierce competition to get jobs, of course (try getting one without an MBA!), but also competition to buy a house in the right neighborhood and attend the right schools. By the time your kids are college-age, the competition to get into the Ivy League will be crushing. As more schools open their doors to hard-studying, wealthy international students, the competition to get a sterling education (which guarantees advantage in later life) will get stiffer and stiffer. Don’t you want your kids to stand a chance against the millions of other aggressive, smart and ambitious students out there? Well, one way to look after them is by achieving your own success so you can provide a strong start in life for them.

What is a life like that worth to you? $100,000, $500,000? What if I told you I could give you that life for less than $50,000… even less than $25,000… What if I told you I could give you an opportunity to have that life for as little as $10,000? What would you say? Your perfect future, at a fraction of what you know it’s worth…

So, whether you want to be a big M&A banker, a tech founder, a genetics pioneer or a humanitarian social entrepreneur, you’re going to need hard work and the right credentials. I’m talking about an MBA from a top business school. That diploma is the gateway to a life of excitement, wealth, prestige and respect.

But, here’s the cold, hard fact: you need to ace the GMAT to get there.

This difficult exam is now mandatory at all the big-name business schools. I’ve been teaching the GMAT and other standardized tests since I, myself, graduated from Harvard in 2002. In those 14 years, I’ve seen every type of student, with every type of difficulty and handicap. I’ve helped hundreds before, and I can help you. Sign up now.