How I Teach

I teach a range of standardized tests, as well as academic subjects. All of my lessons are conducted over Skype, allowing me to reach students in many countries. Skype also allows me to continue lessons for students on holiday or for those who are home, sick.

Students are expected to purchase the necessary books themselves, in advance of the first lesson. I’ll give you the titles I think are best, though I’m comfortable teaching from the source material of your choice.

Below is a screenshot of an actual lesson. This is how we’ll work through the curriculum and improve your understanding of the material. I use an iMac or Macbook Air (depending on location) and Skype. I scribble on a Huion digital pen tablet, linked to a browser-based online whiteboard.

The Skype experience is actually much better than sitting side by side in a classroom. I can stop, listen, erase, backtrack, send a link to another graphic or formula or Wikipedia entry – essentially, we have the intimacy of one-to-one teaching with the Web at our disposal. And, you can take a screenshot of any good explanations and come back to them offline, when you’re studying on your own! The added benefit, of course, is that you don’t have to trek to my office (if you even live in London!) and I can reach you no matter where in the world you are. Also, you can sit in your comfy chair, have your cozy sweater at hand, and easily brew that second cup of coffee!

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