I work with many established and privileged families, helping their children gain admission to the world’s best universities. This work represents most of my billable hours. However, I was inspired by the example of top law firms, which dedicate 3-5% of their time to pro bono work. This effort directly benefits clients in need. I have adopted the same policy. For every 100 hours I work, 95 will be paid and 5 pro bono, directed towards families and schools that are struggling and/or under-resourced.


I’ve adopted this approach because it aligns with my belief that private education has an obligation to the community at large. I also believe that work with a pro bono component will attract top teaching talent to the market. There have long been mass-market services which offer mediocre tutoring services at middling prices and they reach millions. However, after offering bespoke, expert tuition for nearly a decade and half, I’ve taken a different approach. I choose to service an elite clientele but also allocate 5% of my teaching time to pro bono work. I believe this an enviable outcome for all parties: fee-paying families receive the best possible instruction; I can work full-time as a private teacher and earn a “salary” comparable to what I’d make in other remunerative fields; and underprivileged families and children get superior help at no charge.


Pro Bono work allows me to assist those individuals or groups who are unable to afford top quality tutoring. Quarterly, I will post notice of my pro bono work on this page so you can see my contribution to the wider community. This is also the page where in-need families and schools can inquire about lessons with me. I look forward to working with you.