Why Skype?

Isn’t in-person tutoring better?


I get asked that question a lot, and it’s valid.

The benefits of Skype are obvious – no commuting to or from the student’s home or the tuition office. And, I can reach students who aren’t in London, or the UK, for that matter.

Moreover, students can relax in their familiar study environment with their resources at hand – calculator, books, their favorite armchair.

I even permit cats-in-laps!

And, though I’m CRB-checked (Criminal Background Record), I understand that some students and parents don’t feel comfortable having an unfamiliar person in their home.

Skype solves all of these issues.

But what about the drawbacks?

No in-person encouragement… Difficulty reading the minute gestures and expressions that show a student is struggling… No atmosphere of confidence created by the tutor…

Though I shared such concerns early on, my experience has been that Skype tutoring is just as intimate and the results achieved just as impressive and verifiable as those I’ve achieved in person.

And, the technology just keeps getting better! With strong broadband connections powering Skype in almost all homes, the classroom experience is re-created down to every crossed “t” and dotted “i”. The online shared whiteboard I use with all my students is better than the blackboard of yore.

So, relax in the comfort of your home, brew a strong cup of tea (or coffee) and come online to get started today!