I’m just getting in touch because Ned has asked me to pass on his thanks for all your help and to let you know that he scored 800 on his Maths L2 (SAT Subject Test) exam!

Parent from The American School in London (ASL)

London, UK

I was already scoring in the 90th percentile on the GMAT but I wanted to see if there were any “secret” techniques that could boost my score. I was surprised to learn that there is a deeper logic to the test. Paul’s methods actually boosted my score into the 97th percentile. Thanks, buddy.

Amit S. - Entrepreneur

London, UK

I would recommend Paul to any student/parent who wants to see great progress in SAT’s – Thank You, Paul!

Marni C. - Solicitor & Parent

Islington, London

I balked at the price at first, but I just couldn’t study this dry stuff on my own. In the end, I reluctantly called Janka Test Prep and signed up for a small package of lessons. I can honestly say that I actually enjoyed learning the math that used to scare me, and I beat my target score by 170 points. It was money well spent because I was admitted to my reach school – something I’m still in shock about, to be honest.

Stacy B.

New York, USA

I’ve talked to family and my boyfriend over Skype for years, but was skeptical I could actually learn hard material through a screen. I was dead wrong. Using the whiteboard, Paul was able to explain the math problems better than instructors at Kaplan could in the classroom!

Stephanie T.

Michigan, USA

I came to Janka Test Prep after spending a fortune at another test prep center trying to learn the GMAT. Believe it or not, the tutor at the other agency actually tried to make me feel bad for not knowing how to solve problems. He would show off his knowledge while I stared blankly at the page. I left there discouraged and out of pocket. Paul is the exact opposite. My lessons with him leave me feeling light, excited, hopeful and happy. I look forward to our Skype sessions and I always feel on equal footing with him even when he’s explaining a hard problem. It’s really amazing. I can’t recommend him enough!

Rebecca M.

London, UK

I have been working with Paul towards my GRE exam for several months, having worked with other (Ivy League) tutors as well as online self-service tools, such as Magoosh, previously. I would say that I have come to trust Paul with my mathematical development, to the exclusion of all of the other services that I have tried in the past. I am quite convinced our regular sessions (and follow up work that I complete on my own, set by Paul) will give me everything I need to reach the level I need to for my target MBA course. On one level, the greatest thing Paul has done for me is to give me the confidence to think about the exam differently and to believe that I have the ability to address the questions. Previously, I always felt that there was a ceiling to my maths ability that I would just have to accept forever. On a technical level, Paul has been able to explain theoretical concepts in a way and using words that made me feel confident that I understood and could explain back what was going on. Unlike another ex-Harvard tutor, at no time was I made to feel stupid because I didn’t get a concept the first (few) time(s). Paul has the patience of a saint, and crucially, has that rare ability to explain a concept or a problem in a reactive way so that he gets to the heart of my confusion. In some cases, he even advised me to step back from the problem and re-read my notes later in the day; to my great surprise, my maths advanced enormously using this approach. As a person, Paul is really upbeat and optimistic (whilst being realistic!) and seems to really and authentically enjoy helping students develop. I went from dreading my maths to looking forward to every single session and to feel great about conquering problems that I had believed were beyond me a short time ago. I feel as though I am getting closer to my goal of getting into my target MBA with a killer GRE score; I never felt that sense of progress and confidence with my other tutors. In my view, Paul is by quite a considerable distance the best GRE maths tutor in the London area, and I would recommend his guidance to anyone who is serious about maximising their score potential (and becoming a good deal smarter about numbers in general at the same time).
Ollie M. - Accountancy Consultant

London, UK

Our son is an average student and he wasn’t looking forward to tutoring, to say the least. After the initial lesson, he told us his time with Paul was fun and that the two hours were over before he knew it. He even does his homework! I don’t know what it is, but they’re doing something different at Janka Test Prep!

Parent of Sixth Form Student

London, UK

I’ve had tutoring before that made me feel stupid and I got intimidated. Paul was relaxed and playful and made me feel comfortable and actually…smart!

Michel B.

Paris, France