Here’s the truth – private tuition is expensive.

The rates for Ivy League-educated, professional tutors are on par with the hourly rates of many attorneys.
There are two reasons for this:

  • In order to attract a high-quality tutor with substantial experience and bonafide credentials, an agency (or a client) must pay a wage that is comparable to that which a candidate can earn elsewhere, in such fields as consulting, banking, law or medicine. Many of those fields pay solid six-figure salaries and professional tutors know that. They enjoy teaching, but will only work if there is adequate financial remuneration.
  • In the United States, some families will spend over a quarter of a million dollars educating their child from kindergarten through secondary school. Such families can expect to pay another $250,000 for private university, once room and board are factored in. So, it makes sense to pay a premium to ensure that your child gets the absolute best instruction possible for these critical entrance exams. Although other factors are considered by the admissions staff, it’s an undeniable fact that tests such as the SAT and ACT (and for graduates, the GRE and GMAT) are primary determinants of acceptance into university and graduate school. Having already invested significant funds into their child’s education, many parents understand the value of quality private tuition to give their child the best chance of success.

Here are my fees, current as of 2016.

Diagnostic Test – £100

This fee covers the initial consultation, an emailed diagnostic test with answer sheet, receipt of the answer sheet and grading. Then, we compile a brief diagnostic report highlighting areas of weakness as well as strength. The diagnostic test will serve as the basis for our lessons together and a benchmark to measure our progress. In addition, we open a “student dossier” for each client. The dossier is hosted on Dropbox and password protected. The student dossier will hold all homework, test materials and feedback, as well as the original diagnostic test.


The first lesson must be paid in full before tuition begins. This is done to protect me against any dispute that may arise. I render a valuable service and I must be compensated for my time. Of course, if the first lesson is disappointing or not up to expectations in any way, there is no obligation to continue with the service.

For GMAT pricing, please click here.

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