Most People Hate Tests…


Who wants to sit in a room and take a 4-hour exam in silence…?

Practically no one!

There’s a reason acronyms such as SAT, ACT and GRE strike fear into the hearts and minds of students around the world. Simply put, test-taking is an unpleasant experience if you’re not prepared. Sweaty palms, racing heart, furrowed brows – I’ve seen it all, and I know many students dread these crucial exams in their final years of secondary school.

On the other hand, if a student has mastered the material, is familiar with the test format and all of its traps and techniques, and has seen similar questions many times before, then the experience can actually be….dare I say it, FUN!

Did I say that? Yes, I did!

I teach my students to engage with the test as a playful challenge, to come at it from a place of strength and confidence so that questions are never scary, intimidating or unfamiliar. After I’m done with a student, he or she will never look at a Scantron® answer sheet in the same way, again! These standardized tests can, in fact, be exciting puzzles to solve, like a Rubik’s Cube® or a brain teaser.

I arm my students with the plucky curiosity they need to succeed!

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